Integrated Business Solutions

By affixing synchronization to every touchpoint of your business, Xintesys’ Integrated Solution gives you full visibility on the whole supply chain while paring down the planning cycles involved in costing, inventory, and sales. Make the right decisions at the right moment, and stay on top of every financial movement through the optic of incisive reports and dashboards.

Module Groups


Get actionable insights to scale your cash flow towards a healthy trajectory. In 360-degree fashion, we illuminate quotations, costs, and job sheets so you can keep individual projects on track and get everyone paid on time while you’re at it.


By synthesizing your many pipelines under the aegis of a centralized database, we gain for your employees all the advantages of a collective agility. On the basis of an automated workflow, we streamline everyday tasks to alleviate strains on your operation in terms of both cost and labor efficiency.


Against the benchmark of an enterprise-grade system, our iterative approach puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to forging cohesion across the board. Our platform syncs information up to date across applications, so that your staff can easily set rules for automating repetitive tasks. The result is that everyone stays on the same page at any given time.


Using a database complete with price lists and pertinent purchasing information, we help you make sense of your order management and contract life cycle–from product configuration to estimates and beyond.
Xintesys Relationship Management (XRM)
Take your sales target to a whole other level as easily as our solution helps you close the gap between leads and conversion. Tailored to complement the entire sales life cycle, our CRM stands your team in good stead from that first call forth.
Professional Services Management (PSM)
A commitment to customer success has always been the bedrock of professional services. With due emphasis on scalability, our automated workflow helps these firms go the distance on deliverables one auto-reminder at a time. To foster accountability as befits industry best practice entails nothing less than that.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
In a perfect world, information should exist in one digitized form or another–with the ease of data extraction being the only ‘paper trail’ left in the wake of converting hard copies to digital characters. It is in this vein that our OCR system operates, accurately picking up every jot and tittle for textual retrieval.

Other features to help you do away with undue back-office costs include:

General Ledger
Expenses Processing
GST Tracking & Reporting
Employee Data Tracking
Financial Analysis
Invoice Processing
Sales Analysis & Delivery
Payroll & Payslips