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Our team is at the core of our business

Xintesys is a cloud-based business solutions suite designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. Providing our clients with the best technologies means we evolve our own communication methods as well.

Our work culture adopts practices that best allow our team members to create, innovate and add value in the way that suits them best. We believe in creating value not just for clients, but for our team as well. Afterall, we view our people as the key to our long-term success.

We put our people at the forefront of what we do

We value each member of our team and give them the freedom to complete their work in whatever way they see fit. We’re always looking for like-minded professionals to join us!

At Xintesys, it’s more about what gets done rather than how it gets done

Over the years, our company culture has evolved to be more results-driven, less rigid in structure. We don’t feel the need to set rules for every process or method, as we’re more focused on the final results.

Responsibility and discipline

Our team operates mostly on their own schedules and targets, because we believe employees can govern themselves and keep things moving in the right direction. 

Our values reflect the trust we put in each of our team members. We invite like-minded professionals to join us for both professional and personal growth.

More flexibility, less micromanagement, better work-life balance

Work the way you work best. 

Not everyone works at their best during traditional 9 to 5 office hours or in an office setting. We get that.  At Xintesys, we’ve adopted flexible working hours, working location and even the freedom to use the tools you feel most comfortable with. 

Work wherever, however and whenever it suits you best.

We are big on team member empowerment

Our colleagues are team players that are self-motivated and are given the space to grow both personally and professionally. 

At Xintesys, every voice is valued.  We encourage forward-thinking and taking initiative in our team members.  Xintesys colleagues are self-motivated to create their own corporate ladders, rather than the traditional ladder framework. 

We’ve moved away from a top-down management style to encourage leadership qualities in everyone.

Collaboration and sharing

In today’s world, we’ll easily fall behind if we don’t constantly update our knowledge base. That’s why the skill of adaptive learning is one we highly value.

No one person can know everything. That’s why at Xintesys, we value a collaborative environment where knowledge is a shared resource. Making full use of new, dynamic collaborative technologies instead of within emails where things may easily get lost in translation

Democratised knowledge and learning means everyone has something they can teach others, and learning is no longer a one-way street.

Are you who we’re looking for?

We want people who are self-motivated, good at what they do, self-sufficient, have a growth mindset. Share our vision for providing the best solutions for our clients. If ours sounds like the environment you’d like to grow in, please get in touch!

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