Systems Implementation

The way in which we bring your business requirements to bear on system integration leaves no doubt that you are in good hands and no stone unturned in getting you up to speed on the various modalities of implementation. To complete the picture, we provide go-live assistance that includes training for setup, conference room pilots, and post-deployment testing.

Data Migration
Knowing how data gravity forms and where is critical to pinpointing related entities and their interdependencies. We understand full well that application mobility is inextricably tied to the dynamics of integrating raw data silos, and that risks to business continuity cannot be overlooked during data migration. To be sure, all our clients can vouch for that.
Management Consulting Service

Whatever your corporate priorities are in the short-term, switching over to the cloud certainly brings with it the benefits of increased agility and capital reduction to boot. Our dedication toward your business’ top-line growth, however, does not terminate there. All the more toward making sustainability an ever-present reality throughout your organization, we offer such added or rather, value-adding services as:

  • HR & Operations Management
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Business & Policy Setup
  • Financial & Cost Analysis
Outsourced Services
Issues of scale centered on team dynamics correlate closely with areas in your business where particular functions have often been relegated, always problematically, to make-shift personnel. Compounding matters is the lack of long-term performance indicators in many of the same areas, which suggests a focus on how your back office can benefit from an array of our outsourcing services:
Financial Management
Though the design of a capital management system is integral to business planning, implementing it falls outside the domain of executive decision-making. To the extent possible, business owners deserve a team that will carry the burden of determining cash positions and cost savings, reviewing price models and the like. Whether you find your in-house staff habitually spread too thin, or if a little extra bandwidth is needed for one-time projects–we are here to help.
For as long as marketing remains a multi-faceted endeavour, its practitioners include some digital virtuosos ultimately invested in SEO optimization, some who swear by content strategy, and probably more still who are most adept at executing email campaigns. From a hiring standpoint, there is less to hope than to dread from attempts to fit such a spectrum of functionalities under one roof. As a one-stop marketing solution, we have the scalability and expertise to fill this gap on your behalf.
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