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Xintesys was founded by Shi Ru Xin in 2009, in Singapore. For all the growth that the company has enjoyed in the following decade, it was in the wake of a global financial crisis that the market gap Xintesys was to fill came into focus for Ms. Shi. While many MNCs reeled from the crash, she noticed a different kind of storm brewing silently on the ledger of her first client as an outsourced accountant. As it were, it had neither the proper tools to process business transactions nor even the requisite expertise for filing statutory reports.

In the intervening time, something else quickly became apparent: this was by no means an outlier. Owing to budgetary constraints, most other SMEs could not afford “Enterprise” grade ERP systems like SAP and Oracle either. Yet relying on then-existing “SME” grade software was out of the question too, though for a different reason altogether. If nothing else, these systems are only proficient at recording transactions and not much else beyond basic reporting.

Before long, Ms. Shi and her partner promptly set about developing a new business model with the objective of catering to SMEs as a provider of intelligent, cost-efficient and configurable business solution–and they have never looked back since. Today, Xintesys has grown from a two-person operation to a strength of close to 40 professionals. But this, along with every other stride Xintesys has made, would not have been possible without an unflagging adherence all along to this basic premise — “To be an integrated business solution of choice for high-growth companies.”

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